2nd Movement

from Sid Smith Quartet No​.​1 by Chrissie



This movement was recorded all on acoustic violins, partly for a bit of variation and partly because of the different colour scheme on this photo. The structure is is a rondo, because of the recurring cream stripes in the picture, led by the second violin. The sharp-eared might notice that the viola player arrived late for this recording and left early, you can hear the sounds of an instrument case near the start and end. The first violin part was recorded on my soprano violin and the cello part on the octave.

FX used: Reverb from Ableton


from Sid Smith Quartet No​.​1, released January 16, 2014




Chrissie Leeds, UK

Violinist and synth player. Member of Dark Rock duo Helicopter Quartet, synth modernists CSMA and Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra. I have toured with and sessioned for Crippled Black Phoenix and others.

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